Amtrans AMCG

Amtrans AMCG

A new line of capacitors from Japanese maker Amtrans to compliment their range of film capacitors.

The AMCG are metalized polypropylene film capacitors. Ideal for signal use where space is a premium.


  • Category temperature range -35 to +85°C
  • Rated voltage 250V DC (2A)
  • Rated capacitance range 0.1uF - 8.2uF
  • Rated capacitance tolerance +/- 20%
  • Dissipation factor <0.1% (at 1KHz 20°C
  • Insulation resistance >10000Mohm (0.1uf to 0.33uF), 10000Mohm (0.47uf to 8.2uF) at 100V dc
  • Body Epoxy resin (Black)
  • Non-inductive linear electrode structure
  • Leadouts: gold plated OFC wire, 0.6mm (diameter) x 30mm (length)  (0.1uF to 0.68uF), 0.8mm (diameter) x 35mm (length)  (1uF to 8.2uF), pitch 11.5mm to 28mm


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