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New values of AN Tantalums

New values of AN Tantalums

As stepped attenuators become increasingly popular the requirement of a varied range of resistor values becomes more essential to furbish the switches used to make stepped attenuators. Over the past few months, we have been repeatedly asked to make the 47 and 46 stepped attenuators featuring the Audio Note non-magnetic 0.5W resistors. Their range of values did seem a bit lacking but after a quick chat with Audio Note, it appeared that they have some rather specific values available. These are used for the Audio Note circuitry and also for their stepped attenuators. As you can see from the list of the following values they do seem a bit random. However, we can now offer some more options on our stepped attenuators which is fantastic.

New values of Audio Note non-magnetic 0.5W resistors:

11R3, 13R, 32R, 38R3, 77R7, 82R5, 213R, 226R, 271R, 388R, 437R, 562R, 2K52, 3K7, 4K22, 5K56, 8K56, 8K56, 18K9, 27K4 and 30K1

When you are keen to use these Audio Note resistors in your own projects it is always worth scrolling down the list as shown in the shop  HERE. On close inspection, you won't see popular values such as 33R, 39R, 82R, 270R, 390R and 560R but you will see 32R, 38R2, 82R2, 271R, 388R, and 562R.



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