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Duelund Silver CAST offer...

Duelund Silver CAST offer...

At Hi-Fi Collective we are very aware that certain lines do have a big following in the DIY community. Such as the Duleund CAST DC range, rated at 630V they are commonly used as de-coupler capacitors in valve equipment. There are numerous types, Copper, Tinned Copper and Silver to name a few. The best is the Silver CAST, however, the price of the raw material does make them prohibitively expensive. Having worked closely with Duelund for many years we are able to cut the price in half. We have invested in large stocks of the popular values 0.1uF, 0.22uF, 0.47uF and 1uF 630V so you can now hear the benefits. Incredible detail with high-end dynamics and control.

To have a look at their price click HERE.

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