Elekit TU-8900VK Single Ended Tube Amp build

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Elekit TU-8900VK Single Ended Tube Amp build


Here, we have a custom-built Elekit TU-8900VK 300B / 2A3 Single Ended Tube Amplifier by HFC. Yes, on the odd occasion, we can fit in a build for customers, so please ask if you feel you are not up for the task.

The TU-8900VK is fitted with the amorphous core output transformers from Lundahl. The amplifier can run with 2A3s or 300Bs for a higher output, at 8.5Ws a channel.

Electro Harmonix 300B Gold Grid Valve and JJ Electronic ECC82/12AU7 Gold Pin Valve are fitted. They are wired up to Blumenhofer Genuin FS3 speakers, MK1 versions. 

To quote Mr F,

"The pairing seems really lovely. I listened to loads over the weekend, Nick, and everything I’m throwing at it, sounds great. It’s a real joy. The sound feels super sweeter at the top and bottom end, and the bottom end is incredibly open—a funky sound. The dynamic response is tight and fast or something.  Feels tighter, getting a nice extra bump in the low end. Whatever it is, I love it!"

Look out for our Youtube series on assembling the Elekit TU-8900VK coming soon.

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