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Fostex FE-NV Full Range drivers

Fostex FE-NV Full Range drivers

The Fostex FE-NV Full Range drivers are replacing and improving on the Fostex FE-En range, with a slightly deeper height but the same appearance and fixing dimensions.

The cone paper of the NV models is made from a kenaf fibre blend. The mixture of long and short fibres made of non-wood pulp, with the addition of chemical fibres and mineral ores, provides increased rigidity and improved propagation speed.

Eliminating the metallic eyelets, which cause balance imbalance and result in non-uniform resonance distribution across the annular vibrations of the cone-shaped diaphragm, has reduced the harmonic distortion in the midrange. The proven three-point bonding, in which the voice coil, the damper and the diaphragm are brought together in a ring, allows a direct power transmission.

The pocket neck spider developed in the FF-WK series has been adopted to continue the three-point bonding of the voice coil and the damper and cone paper on the same circumference. The shape and material of the dampers have been reviewed for more linear amplitude characteristic than the current FE-En series. As well as, containing a low-loss gold-plated Faston 205 connection terminal.

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