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Jupiter AWG 32 x 7, Copper wire, silk / PTFE sleeved

Jupiter AWG 32 x 7, Copper wire, silk / PTFE sleeved

A new wire from Jupiter. Made of 7 strands of AWG 32 6N copper wire to make up an overall AWG 24 wire. 6N refers to the purity of the copper it means 99.9999% purity which means it's very pure indeed. The collection of strands are double wrapped in black silk and the PTFE coated.

Jupiter have been making wires for some time now along with their vast array of capacitors. Their wires are used mostly in signal wiring, namely as interconnects and speaker wiring. No exception for this new version. Due to the increase gauge of this wire I would be inclined to use it as a speaker cable. A 4 wire weave a technique we use in our Glasshouse loudspeaker number 2 see https://www.hificollective.co.uk/cable-kits/glasshouse-speaker-2.html

To read more visit https://www.hificollective.co.uk/wire/jupiter/32awgx7.html

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