Jupiter Vitamin-Q Paper-in-Oil Capacitors

Jupiter Vitamin-Q Paper-in-Oil Capacitors

Two new ranges from Jupiter Condenser, the Silver Foil - Vitamin-Q Paper-in-Oil & Aluminium Foil - Vitamin-Q Paper-in-Oil Capacitors.

These capacitors utilize the same polymerized impregnation fluid developed by Sprague in the 1940s. Hermetically Sealed and processed under a deep vacuum for several days, keeping oil from leaking out and provides protection from ingress of moisture to ensure long life.

Glass to metal end seals are soldered into tin-plated brass tubes to form leak-tight joints. Jupiter Vitamin-Q capacitors are built to Mil-Spec standards yet developed and refined for beautiful sound.

The Silver foil version recreates a great sense of space, recording height, width and depth are very much more apparent with a great sense of ease to the powerful flow.

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