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Mundorf Connectors & Cable Lugs

Mundorf Connectors & Cable Lugs

We now have stock of a number of new products from Mundorf including banana plugs, ring cable lugs and fork cable lugs. Each of which is engineered to the high standard you expect from Mundorf.

The Mundorf MConnect Beryllium Copper Banana Plug is cleverly designed. The 4mm banana fits into its red or black thermoplastic polymer housing, easily soldered without disturbing the hollow plug and with the possibility to stack connections.

Secondly, we have Mundorf's range of Copper Ring Cable Lugs for loudspeaker use. Which can be either crimped or soldered and available in 5 different sizes. See the link for more information.

Finally, the Mundorf Copper Fork Cable Lug, with gold plate. The width of the fork opening is 6.5mm. Overall length is 38mm and can receive cable up to 6mm in diameter. 


MCONBP: Mundorf MConnect Beryllium Copper Banana Plug, gold plated click here to buy

Mundorf Copper Ring Cable Lugs click here to buy

MCONCL.F60-6,5G: Mundorf Copper Fork Cable Lug, gold plated click here to buy

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