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Mundorf Copper Wires

Introducing Mundorf's range of OFC copper wires. All made of OFC Copper wire, annealed and PTFE insulated. We have found their wires excellent as interconnect cables (CUW210GY/OG) and loudspeaker cables.  

Mundorf says "Initial listening test with regular stranded wires quickly showed that our coil/inductor wires when used as internal cabling for loudspeakers, were impressive. Providing a detailed and acoustically balanced performance. An additional PTFE sheath prevents the oxygen-free copper conductor (99,997% purity) from abrasion and tonal influences by unwanted microphonics."

There will be 4 different versions available, we currently have 3 of them in-stock,

Read more about the range here

Purchase the 2x1mm, 2x1.5mm & 2x2mm wires here

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