Mundorf MConnect Copper Stranded Angelique Wire

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Mundorf MConnect Copper Stranded Angelique Wire

Angelique®Copper is a high-quality Copper alloy to which a certain amount of silver and a certain amount of gold is added. A copper plus sort of for an audibly plus in musical enjoyment. At a price you would not expect from product a product enriched with Silver-Gold. Alternative alloys with more­ or less silver and/or gold were not as convincing in listening tests.

In listening comparisons of loudspeaker cables, the Angelique®Copper alloy obviously resonates differently and most probably less strongly than the involved 3 metals ­ indivi­dually: Calm from within, transparent and structured down to very smallest audible detail, every sort of music is performed to the point. Its expressiveness and tonal balance are certainly due to the Angelique®Copper alloy itself, which advantageously combines ­­ the best tonal characteristics of copper, silver and gold.

Angelique®copper stranded cables and wires can generally be used for audio connections of all kinds. Examples are the production of speaker cables and RCA cables or the ­ internal wiring of components and loudspeakers. Furthermore, also power cords for audio devices, as well as USB and AV cables from Angelique®Copper, provide an audible improvement.

We currently stock three versions of the ACS wire:

10 strands x 0.25mm
30 strands x 0.25mm
50 strands x 0.25mm

Available with either Grey or Blue PVC sheathing.

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