Neotech NEW Cables

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Neotech NEW Cables

We are excited to announce that a new selection of cables is now available for purchase!

We have a range of Interconnect, Digital, and Power cables newly in from Neotech that are bound to impress you.

Rather than go into the details here, please use the links below to read specifics about each cable.

We'd love to receive feedback from anyone who makes a purchase.

Neotech NEP-5001: UP-OFC Copper Mains Cable

Neotech NEVD-1001 UP-OCC Silver Digital Cable - 75 Ohm

Neotech NEVD-4001 Silver-plated UP-OFC Copper Digital Cable - 75 Ohm

Neotech NEI-4020 UP-OFC Silver-plated Interconnect Cable

Neotech NEI-5020 UP-OFC Copper Interconnect Cable

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