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All new Paxolin Tag Boards


Over the years HiFi Collective has sold 100s of the old school Paxolin tag boards, built up of 2 rows of 18 tags. Ideal for the home constructor, particularly common in valve equipment, they facilitate hardwiring, and offer plenty of space for fitting the large audio-grade parts. You may be surprised to know that the tags fitted on the standard Paxolin boards are actually made of steel, so they are in fact magnetic. Not ideal for audio. 

So we invested in a huge reel of brass material (70% copper / 30% zinc), working closely with the maker we ordered 36000 solder tags. So we are proud to be the first to make available to the World 3 non-magnetic versions of the Paxolin tag board. We have the nickel/tin-plated (soon to be available) and the silver-plated and the gold-plated version (available now). We will also continue to sell the standard nickel/tin plated steel version. 

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