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Le Clanche Polyprop., tin foil Caps

Le Clanche Polyprop., tin foil Caps

You may recall some years ago that Hi-Fi Collective bought up all the capacitor stock from Audio Cap Ltd, Stevenage, UK when Matthew decided to call it a day. Part of the stock were the Le Clanche Signal Path metallized polypropylene / tin foil caps. We had numerous values in various tolerances. The oval format capacitors were very popular so they quickly sold out. As the original buy was through Campbell Collins (run by Matthew's father) the last production run was many years prior.  

So it has taken some time working with Le Clanche to dig up the old recipe to start production again. Alas, they were unable to make values above 0.22uF 630V due to old machinery being decommissioned. So we decided to focus on the low values. Starting at 10nF up to 0.22uF. These reasonably priced capacitors are ideal for signal circuitry in valve equipment as they carry an excellent natural tone. 

So we are happy to say these are now available and we will be carrying them for some years to come!

For more information and to try some click HERE.

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