Glasshouse Stepped Attenuator, 0.25W PRP metal film resistor, Shunt version

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Glasshouse Stepped Attenuator, 0.25W PRP metal film resistor, Shunt version

This Glasshouse range of stepped attenuators features the 0.25W PRP PR9372 Metal resistors for both the Shunt type and Series resistor (the load). However you can purchase separately other resistor types for the load, series resistor, simply add 1 off for mono, 2 off for stereo and 4 off for balanced of the appropriate resistor. You have an option on which type of switch you would like to use and which configuration you would like, be it mono, stereo or balanced stereo (XLR input, output). To explain, read on...

You have a choice of which switch to use:

Starting with the all-new Blore Edwards range of switches - the 1 pole 23-way for mono, 2 pole 23-way for stereo and the 4 pole 23-way for balanced stereo. These switches are high quality at a reasonable cost. Then we have the Elma switch, the most popular choice, using the 1 pole 24 way for the mono, the 2 pole 24 way for the stereo and the 4 pole 24 way for the balanced stereo. And finally the esteemed Seiden switches, with their fabulously smooth turning action. Here we have the 1 pole 23-way, 1 pole 34-way or 1 pole 46-way for mono, 2 pole 23-way, 2 pole 34-way or the 2 pole 46-way stereo and finally the 4 pole 23-way for the balanced stereo.

Load "Series" resistor choice:

At each step of your attenuator, the signal always passes through the single load resistor, making it a key component and well worth an upgrade. The standard resistor supplied with this kit is the 0.25W PRP Metal film resistor. Have a read of Neville Roberts reviews below if you need help deciding. Here are a few suggestions: 0.4W Charcroft (the best in our opinion), 2W Audio Note Tantalums, 1W & 2W Shinkohs, AMRG 2W Carbon Films, 1W Takman Carbon Film & Metal Films and 5W & 12W Mills.
To upgrade your Series resistor simply add 1 for mono, 2 for a stereo or 4 for a balanced stereo of that resistor to your cart. So, for example, if you want to buy a 100K stereo stepped attenuator with the Charcroft as your load resistor, then simply add 2x 100k Charcroft to your cart.

N.B. For the 2W Audio Note and Charcroft, 100K is the highest value made. For 25K loads, choose 22K or 24K resistors. For 50K loads, choose 47K or 51K.

The kit is supplied with the following

  • Full pack of 0.25W PRP PR9372 Metal Film resistors, each resistor value labelled with step number.
  • Switch (Blore Edwards, Elma or Seiden)
  • Mundorf 3.8% silver solder
  • 0.5mm diameter HGC 99.999% silver wire for the earth ring and signal output
  • PTFE tubing for 0.5mm wire

PRICE (1 off) 10K, 20K, 50K, 100K, 250K
starting at £27.12+vat+p&p


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