Psvane is a brand name – owned by a private group of audiophiles inside and outside of China together. Initially some of the members of this private group worked for Shuguang and they were the key R&D personnel for the hugely popular ‘black bottle’ Shuguang Treasure series.

As the Treasure tubes became popular, the profit sharing arrangement between the key development personnel and the quasi-government controlled Shuguang Group started to become out of balance, which eventually resulted in earlier 2011 the sales rights of Treasure tubes were officially removed from this group of key R&D personnel. This event has triggered the formation of Psvane brand to maximize financial return on their tube expertise. A separate company called ‘Heng Yang Electronics’ is also later formed for Psvane tube production. The company has trade name as ‘Psvane Audio’ and is a registered entity in Hong Kong.

Where are the Psvane tubes were made?
Initially when the relationship with Shuguang hadn’t completely gone sour, the Psvane tubes were made by Shuguang tube factory under contract. When Shuguang cut off the R&D team from profit sharing on Treasure tubes, many of the R&D and production members decided to leave Shuguang to join the new Psvane Audio to become investors and profit sharing employees.

In May 2011 with the efforts of the R&D team, a small scale production facility was set up close to Shuguang to start producing large tubes such as 845 and 211's. In Oct 2011, Psvane Audio made another major movement by buying out all the equipment and production team of Guiguang Tube Factory in southern China. Coming with the Guiguang buy-out deal is the ex Chief-designer of Shuguang, who left Shuguang before Psvane Audio was born to help revive Guiguang since 2010. With Guiguang facility under Psvane Audio control and ownership, now Psvane Audio is on the way to develop and launch a full range of new high quality tubes.

What tubes does Psvane Audio make?
From the initial Psvane T-series vacuum tubes, the new Psvane Audio will have multiple series of tubes and related products available to the market: Vacuum tubes: including 3 series:

  • T series – started production in 2010 first by Shuguang under contract, now made by Psvane themselves. Yhe MK1 version are the high end black bottle tubes and the all new MK2 have a grey, crystallized carbon coating internally.
    the T-series is further split to two sub-grade based on Psvane Audio’s own test results: T-Classic Grade (OK to good, less expensive) and T-Collection Grade (better to best, most expensive).
  • HiFi series (the affordable clear glass tubes for everyone) – started production in Nov 2011. Great for replacing your stock tubes coming with the amp. Thicker glass enclosure, improved base and pin on some models over the Shuguang generic tubes.
  • Western Electric Replica Series (WE series) – these tubes are created with materials from the same source as the original WE tubes (wonder why the WE Re-issue from USA never become reality again?) and they are 1:1 100% replica, not just on technical specs, but also on appearance. They will let you share a piece of the legendary history Western Electric tubes and re-live the glory of vacuum tubes era. First model now available is the highly sought after 100% replica WE300B. Other models will be added over time.


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