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Welcome to hificollective.co.uk

www.hificollective.co.uk has been created to offer hi-fi DIYers the ultimate one-stop website. Whether you build you own valve amps from scratch, dabble in speaker design, a component tweaker or a true beginner, you will find us a great source of knowledge and resources.

Its founder, Nick Lucas, cut his teeth in the diy sector working for World Audio Design, running the kits division of Hi-Fi World Magazine for 10 years. Hi-Fi Collective Ltd started trading in May 2003 and has grown steadily ever since with a simple ethos close to my heart - offer customers a wide range of products and dispatch it immediately. First and foremost we are a component online seller, we stock a wide range of brands and are always on the lookout for new products that would be of interest to our customers.

Component product lines:

  • Resistors - Audio Note Tantalums, Shinkohs, Holcos, Allen Bradley, Mills and Kiwame
  • Capacitors - Audio Note Paper in Oils, Black Gates, Mundorf, Clarity Cap, Jensen, Jupiter Beeswax, LCR, Cerafine and low-cost PSU caps
  • valve and Valve bases - JJ, Sovtek, Electro Harmonix, Svetlana, Tungsol, TJ and some good Chinese valves
  • Connectors, knob, solder, tag boards, control knobs, AC & DC products - Audio Note, Mundorf, Eichmann, Yarbo, CMC, Glasshouse and Switchcraft.
  • Potentiometers, switches, stepped attenuators, rods & couplers - Alps, Noble, TKD, Audio Note, Shallco, Dale Vishay, Glasshouse, Elma, T&K and Meggitt.
  • Wire, tone-arm wire, heatshrink, tubing, rope, screened tubing and sleeving - Audio Note, HGC, BICC, Mundorf, Yarbo and Cardas clips.
  • Transformers - Audio Note, Glasshouse and custom made ones.
  • Audio-Visual - leads, connectors and adapters.
  • Diodes, Inductors and Tools

We also sell many other Hi-Fi related products:

  • Books - With over 40 titles we help you become more well read on all matters "hi-fi"
  • Magazines - Titles include AudioXpress, Positive Feedback, Sound Practices and vacuum Tube Valley
  • Accessories - Such as products from Kemp Electroniks, Nightingale Audio, Rothwell and Foné recordings

With our experience of DIY kits are have developed our own kits stable Glasshouse and have recently been appointed the UK distributor of Audio Note kits. The type of kits on offer are:

  • Valve amplifiers - stereo integrated and power and monoblocs
  • Valve pre-amplifiers
  • Passive pre-amplifiers
  • TVC pre-amplifiers
  • Valve phono stages
  • DACs
  • Speaker kits
  • Stepped attenuators
  • Interconnect and Speaker kits
  • Tentlabs modules

As you can see from browsing our site, we are committed to keeping www.hificollective.co.uk innovative, fresh and informative. With our inhouse team of two web designers, web changes and additions are immediate. The team have been in the Hi-Fi kits and components business for over a decade so it goes without saying we have a wealth of knowledge and contacts to draw from. We provide a quick service, our online shop is stock related and highly secure. We will not take your money unless we can get your order out within a week guaranteed.

So welcome to hificollective.co.uk and enjoy your visit. 

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