Sound Will Spike

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10-20Kg Version - Black Chrome Finish

What to expect from using one or more sets of these amazing magnetic levitation devices? Transparency, transparency and more transparency. Unexpectedly, there is an increase in solidity at the same time. I can find no negatives whatsoever - no downside. Symbols are more natural and organic sounding. There are more bow, rosin, and body from stringed instruments. Voices reflect more of the three-dimensional bodies from which they emanate and are more precisely located in space. One set is enough to make an enormous difference to your system. High-frequency harshness disappears, replaced by a sweetness I had not previously experienced. Multiple sets are unbelievable. We have yet to find a component they do not improve - CD players, preamplifiers, power supplies, turntables, amplifiers, speakers, and power distribution bars. You select the right weight range for your component and place it underneath. And voila! You will not go back. Period

New from Sound Will, Korea, are these amazing patented magnetic levitation devices. They are a perfect solution to isolate audio components, be it an amplifier, pre-amplifier, CD, loudspeaker, etc. These floaters rely on powerful neodymium magnets, effectively levitating the component, thus greatly reducing any interaction from external forces and vibrations.

They are packaged in sets of 4. We are the first in the UK to stock these devices, having been well received in the States and hearing how well they perform. In a nutshell, they provide a much-improved sound stage and transparency; they do exactly what they say they do—isolate, allowing your equipment to do what it is supposed to do without interference from others.
Other products are on the market, but they have hefty price tags. At £160.00 + VAT, these gems are well worth the investment.

Simply select the correct weight and position the four units on the stand, place the hi-fi separate on top of the four feet. Have a look underneath. The magnets need to be engaged. This is shown by the upper cup being pushed down into the open space in the gap. Adjusting the position on the feet may be required as most hi-fi equipment is not evenly weighted. You are trying to achieve equal or close to equal depression of the upper cup into the gap.

Have a read of Russell Lichter`s review in Stereo Times HERE

Now available in 3 weight capacities:

10-20 kgs (20-40 lbs.) and 20-40 kgs (40-70 lbs) Dimensions 45mm height x diameter of 55mm, Price: £160.00 +vat +p&p
72-112 Kgs (159-247 lbs) Dimensions 55mm height x diameter of 66mm, Price: £350.00 +vat +p&p


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