Glasshouse Elma A47 Jumbo Stepped Attenuator, Shunt Mono version, 47 steps

Glasshouse Elma A47 Jumbo Stepped Attenuator, Shunt Mono version, 47 steps

The A47 switch from Elma, suitably called the JUMBO, in combination with various 0.5W and 1W resistors, you choose which you prefer. We worked in close collaboration with Elma to create the JUMBO PCB that fits snugly on the A47 switch. The board accommodates 0.5W and 1W resistors in an easy to construct format with each step clearly numbered on the PCB.

Available in a kit form whereby we provide 46 labeled bags corresponding to the resistor numbers on the board. Using the Mundorf 3.8% silver/gold solder, that is provided in the kit, you simply populate the board. Each resistor position is clearly labeled on the thick PCB as are the input, output, and ground connections. For those who wish, we can supply fully built and tested for an additional charge of £25.00 + vat. The MONO version does not require you to take the switch apart. We also offer the stereo version of this stepped.

You have the choice of the 0.5W and 1W versions of the PRP PR9372 series, the Takman carbon films (musical and detailed), and the Takman 1W metal films (dynamic sound with superb sound staging) If you want to choose a different Series (load) resistor such as the exquisite Charcroft then these need to purchased separately.

This is a seriously high-end solution for your stepped attenuator, offering beautiful performance, low noise, and gives you a real quality feel when turning. Also, you can make your stepped remote-controlled by combining this with the Elma Remote Audio PLUS with LIN Motor

For the Audio Note 0.5W non-magnetic tantalum version click  HERE.

Internal Dimensions once fitted in chassis: front panel to rear of stepped 25mm x depth 62mm x width 38mm

Price (1 off) available as 10K, 20K, 50K 100K and 250K
starts at £102.62+vat+p&p


PDF datasheet

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