Glasshouse 300B-SE Amp build

Glasshouse 300B-SE Amp build

After initially planning to produce Hi-Fi kits when we started Hi-Fi Collective Ltd in May 2003, the first kit being a stereo 300B single-ended amplifier, offering both a power and integrated version. We produced 25 kits which sold relatively quickly, you can read more about the kit here. However, I quickly realized that the future was actually selling components rather than kits, so we changed direction.

Nevertheless, the kit was a brilliant design (Andy Grove from Audio Note designed it). Therefore, we left all the product information on the site so people could build it from scratch, as Mr. P R did, and what an amazing job he has done, as the pictures show.

We still sell the choke and mains transformers for the kit, and the majority of parts were sourced from us. Thank you for sharing your impressive build with us.

Nick Lucas

“I used Hashimoto OPTxs  H-20-3.5U.  The mains and choke were the Glasshouse items, of course.  There was a bit of a Japanese theme with the build with the use of Takachi chassis and Yamamoto Soundcraft sockets for the 300B's. (Bloody expensive but lovely to use!). Also, some passives, such as resistors that I ordered from Hi-fi Collective, are Japanese as well.” MR P R

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