Loudspeaker Accessories

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Here we have all accessory parts associated with loudspeakers, such as spikes, push-on connectors grill fabric and wadding. See PRICES for Loudspeaker Accessories.

Here we have the very best of acoustic dampening material in current production, namely the Twaron range.

For providing a strong and secure foundation for the housing of your drive units we have a superb range of hexagonal bolts and tee nuts.

Here we have blank print circuit boards for the home constructor to build up their own crossovers from scratch.

Here we have a superb range of acoustic fabrics and fastenings to cover and protect your beloved loudspeakers.

Here we have the full range of ports from Jantzen, including flared ports, straight sided ports, inside and outside flares and bass reflex sets.…

Here we have all the sizes of push ons for the connections to your drive units, plus speaker dishes to connect your speaker to your amplifier.

For those who like to construct their crossovers from scratch and hardwire their connections, these screw-in terminals from Jantzen are perfect.…

Here we have a range of quality speaker plates with associated jumpers from Dayton Audio and Jantzen.

Speaker terminals with binding posts attached so all you need is wire up and fit to your cabinet`s back panel.

We carry the full range of Jantzen spikes, together with base plates for spikes to sit. All to provide a solid base to your loudspeaker.

We stock a number of speaker cabinet accessories made by Adam Hall.

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