OEM Polystyrene Capacitors

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Polystyrene caps

Polystyrene capacitors have been long time favorite capacitor of audiophiles and high-end audio manufactures. Polystyrene Film capacitors are very highly regarded due to their most desirable electrical characteristics such as exceptionally high insulation, low leakage, low dielectric absorption, low distortion and excellent temperature stability. In most instances polystyrene capacitors can be used as a direct substitute for silver mica and/or ceramic disc capacitors. With their excellent electrical characteristics. Polystyrene are becoming increasingly harder to obtain (often referred to as Styroflex or Styro in Europe) but hificollective have the full range at 630V dc from a source that supply the major players in hi-fi.


Dielectric: Aluminium foil electode
Construction: Premium quality Polystyrene Film (PSA), tinned Copper leads
Tolerance: +/- 10%, High precision of capacitance
Dissipation factors: 0.1% Maximum at 1 KHz, 25C (low ESR)
Insulation resistance: >= 100000ohm
Rated Voltage: 630V dc
temperature range: -40 to +85 degrees C


Ideal for use in tuner & equalization circuits, feedback networks; commercial, industrial & measuring instruments; critical analog circuits; filters, tuned, integrators & sample-and-hold circuits; IF transformers; pulse networks; analogue & digital computing circuits and critical timing circuits such as VCO (voltage-controlled oscillators) and VCF (voltage-controlled filters).
Low cost and high reliablilty.


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