PRP PR9372 Series Metal Film

The PR9372 Audio Resistor is manufactured in Mediapolis, Iowa USA by Precision Resistive Products Inc. and has been designed into many high-end audio products around the world. Designed specifically for audio use after exhaustive listening tests were performed by a well-known high-end audio manufacturer who auditioned 10 different prototypes – all of which had a unique blend of materials and manufacturing techniques. The winning design became the PR9372.

These resistors are metal film, a Ni-Chrome thin film construction, completely non-magnetic, offering a high-resolution sound. They have a flat frequency response with incredibly low distortion and low thermal EMF. We have selected to stock the 1%, 100ppm tolerance range.
They are reasonably priced coming in somewhat lower than the Takman metal films.


  • Power rating: 0.25W, 0.5W & 1W
  • Flat Frequency Response, Low Distortion
  • Low Thermal EMF
  • Excellent Definition
  • Alpha-Numeric Marking
  • High-Quality Ceramic Substrate
  • Controlled Film Deposition & Spiraling
  • Operating Temperature Range -55°C to 155°C
  • Non-magnetic
  • Voltage rating: 0.25W - 300V, 0.5W & 1W - 500V
  • Lead material OFHC Copper, tin Coating
  • Tolerance: 1%, 100ppm
  • ROHS

0.25W, PR 9372-1/4
  BODY: diameter: 2.75mm, length: 7.5mm
  LEAD: diameter: 0.6mm, length: 35mm

0.5W, PR 9372-1/2
  BODY: diameter: 3.5mm, length: 9.5mm
  LEAD: diameter: 0.6mm, length: 35mm

1W, PR 9372-1
  BODY: diameter: 4.5mm, length: 15mm
  LEAD: diameter: 0.8mm, length: 35mm

PRICE 1 off
0.25W - £0.29+vat+p&p
0.5W - £0.39+vat+p&p
1W - £0.56+vat+p&p


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