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We have a great array of easy flow solders from Audio Note, Cardas, Jantzen, Mundorf and WBT.

Audio Note UK are a highly regarded manufacture, the solder we have here is the very same type that is used in their factory.

To compliment the range of Cardas products, they make this superb solder, easy to use and gives a great join.

Here we have the 2 sizes of the Jantzen 4% silver solder.

Mundorf offers various grades of solder, with different silver and gold content. A great range to suit everyone`s taste.
The SS-47, the Oyaide original hi-fidelity solder, is produced in order to maximize the capacity of cables and connectors by eliminating its sound…
To compliment the fabulous range of WBT connectors, we stock both types of their easy to use solder.

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