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Here we have a great choice of transformer, from manufacturers such as Audio Note and Glasshouse, with all the different audio application types you could think of. Output transformers, main transformers, Chokes, pre-amplifier output transformers, driver & interstage transformers, moving coil transformers, digital interface transformers and input receiver and Line matching transformers.

Here we have the entire range of Audio Note transformers. From moving coils to chokes and pre-amp output transformers to digitial interface…

Glasshouse is Hificollective's in house brand, here we detail the transformers that we use in our kits.

We have recently changed supplier of these chokes to a UK manufacturer, and are able to offer a better quality part for the same or a reduced…

We have access to some of the best audio transformer makers in the UK and we are happy to help you obtain the your ideal transformer.

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