CTS Potentiometers

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CTS Potentiometers

Highly regarded chassis mount potentiometer, the CTS 450T Metal Shaft, Bushing Mount, Type "T" Solder Lug Terminals.

9.5mm diameter fitting hole, bush and shaft measures 18mm, solid metal shaft measures 10mm in length, 1/4 inch (6.3mm) in diameter. Main body is 24mm diameter.

Avaliable in:  1KA, 5KA, 5KL, 10KA, 25KL, 50KA, 50KRA, 100KA, 100KL, 250KA, 250KL, 500KA, 1MA and 3MRA.
A- Logarithmic (audio taper)
L - Linear
R- Reverse

Price (1 off):  £4.65 - £4.90 +vat+p&p


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