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Here we detail the leads that we have for sale. Such as the gorgeous Belden/Wattgate/Toughplug IEC cable. We also list standard IEC leads.

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High quality, fully made UK - IEC mains lead, ground loop cable featuring belden cable, silver plated Toughplug and the Wattgate 320i IEC Connector…
A standard non-rewireable 13A sleeved pin mains plug and a IEC plug moulded to a 3-core cable sheathed overall in black. With 5A fuse, 2m in length.
European power cordset comprising of a European plug and IEC socket moulded to 2 meters of 0.75mm² cable Cable sheathed overall in black. Rated 10/…
A North American power lead comprising of a North American plug to IEC socket. 2m length. Rated 10A/125VAC.

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