Power Connector Plugs

Everything power plug is showcased here, UK mains plugs, EU Schuko plugs and IEC plugs from makers such as MK Toughplug, MS HD Power and Kaiser to name a few.

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Here we have all our audio grade UK mains plugs. From Cardas to the ever popular MS HD, all types of plating available.

Here are our listings of Shuko, mainland European mains plugs from the makers such as Neotech, Kaiser and MS HD.

The very best US / North American / Canadian mains plugs are listed here. Including Neotech and MS HD plugs.

Here we have numerous IEC plugs to suit your power cable needs. Listings from Cardas, Neotech, Kaiser and MS HD Power.

We are building up a collection of high end silver plated mains plugs from around the World. We are currently listing Chinese, Israli and Danish…

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