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Christmas 2014 Newsletter

Audio Note Kaisei Capacitors

AN Kaisei

After 4 years of development with Rubycon (of Black Gate fame) using similar materials as Black Gates, Audio Note have sent us the first batch of these amazing capacitors.

Merry Christmas

With the holidays just around the corner we would like to take this opportunity to thank your all for you support over the last 12 months and wish you a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

We have been very busy extending our range of audio grade parts for your enjoyment.

Look out for our Boxing day newsletter that will include a 10% off voucher code for you to use over the Christmas / New Year period.

Best wishes from all the HiFi Collective team.

Happy DIYing,

Nick Lucas

Neotech NEI-2002 Pure Silver Interconnect Cable

Neotech NEI-2002 Silver Interconnect

Expanding the range of the amazingly popular Neotech cables. This high quality interconnect cable is designed for the silver sound lover.

New Ceramic UX7 Valve base - Square

New UX7 Ceramic Square Base

Chassis mount, ceramic valve base - suitable for 7 pin valves such as 1625, 6A6, 6E6, 2A7, 813, FU13 etc.

Jantzen Superes 5W Resistors

Jantzen Superes 5w Resistors

High quality wire wound, ceramic core resistors. Low noise and 1% tolerance - they are great for crossover upgrades.

Audio Note Silver Solder

Audio Note Silver Solder

6% Silver solder from Audio Note - now in stock after many requests.

UX5 Ceramic Valve Base

New UX5 bases

Ceramic UX5 chassis mount valve base; suitable for 5 pin valves such as: 27, 33, 47, 56, 76, 807 etc.

Gaofei US Mains Plug

Gaofei US Mains Plug

This is a superb quality,  pure copper contact, US mains plug capable of receiving cables up to 16mm in diameter.

Mundorf M-Connect TPCU870GE

New Mundorf Speaker Terminals

M-Connect TPCU870GE pure copper, gold plated EVO binding posts from Mundorf - is this the perfect connector?

MS HD Power IEC gold

Gold IEC & UK Mains Plugs

The ever expanding range of MS HD Power audiophile plugs now featuring 24k Gold plated IEC and UK mains plugs to name but a few.

Z-plug for connecting to speakers.


Brass Z-plug available in silver and gold plate for connecting to your speakers. Also known as BFA plugs.

Jensen Metalized Polypropylene Capacitors

Jantzen Electrolytics

We are now stocking Jantzen's 100V DC bi-polar aluminium electrolytic range of capacitors. Ideally suited to cross-over upgrades.

Van Damme Cables

Van Damme Screened Cables

Low cost, silver plated OFC copper + OFC copper signal, with OFC copper braiding. Great for microphones and interconnects. 
New Mundorf HeadCap

Mundorf HeadCaps

Storage capacitors for your car audio system, because no equipment is better than it’s power supply!

Sound Will Spike

Sound Will Feet

Back by popular demand are the Magnetic feet from Sound Will. The perfect way to get more transparency out of your equipment. 

Jantzen 10w Superes Resistors

Jantzen Superes 10w Resistors

Top of their range of crossover resistors from Jantzen, in Denmark. 0R33 to 33R available.

TKD Tokyo Ko-On 2 pole 30 way switch

TKD 2 Pole 30 Way Switch

Beautifully crafted 2 pole 30 way (make before break) attenuator switch from TKD. Look out for a Glasshouse attenuator kit based on this switch...

UX6 Ceramic valve base

UX6 Valve bases

Ceramic UX6 chassis mount valve base, suitable for 6 pin valves such as 42, 43, 48, 78, 89, 6E5, WE310a etc.

Glasshouse Speaker Kit No.3

Speaker Kit No.3

Made up from Neotech's NES-3005 cable and SK8-B banana plugs with WBT cable end sleeve crimps this time - no soldering!

Charcroft Resistors

Charcroft: New Values

With 46 new values, hificollective now stocks the full range of the ever-popular, superb sounding, Z-Foil resistors. Not to mention; new lower prices!

Gaofei iec Socket

Gaofei IEC Socket

High quality standard IEC mains inlet socket. All contacts are thick rhodium plated copper.

Xhadow reference RCA plugs

Xhadow Reference RCA's

The Xhadow Precision RCA truly is the best made RCA plug in the world. Precision, purity, simplicity and elegance are the hallmarks of Xhadow products, and this RCA embodies those sentiments with no room for equivocation.

New project listings on Facebook


We're continually uploading customers projects onto our facebook page. Why not have a look...

Xhadow reference Banana plugs

Xhadow Reference Banana's

The Xhadow banana plug is a lovely connector, manufactured from pure copper and silver plated, with a threaded machined and hard anodised "Xhadow Gray" aluminium cover.

MS HD Power Schuko Plug Gold

MS HD Power Schuko Plgs

New range of Schuko plugs from MS HD power, accepts cable diameter up to 16mm. Gold, Silver and Rhodium plated versions available now.

Stainless steel base plates

Base plates

Top quality base plate for use with spikes, to provide a firm footing for hi-fi equipment. 22mm and 40mm diameter available.

Glasshouse Interconnect No.8

Interconnect No.8

Combining Neotech's NEI-3004 cable with Neotech`s DG-202 RCA plugs making a low cost great performance cable.

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