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Easter 2015 Newsletter

Elma A47 Series SMD stepped attenuator

Elma A47 Series SMD stepped

Here we have the compacted series attenuator from Elma, available in mono and stereo, 10K, 25K 50K and 100K. Superb performance at a great price.

Easter build time!

A lot has been happening at Hi-Fi Collective. Our new site has been live for nearly 2 months now and we have had some great feedback from you guys. Keep the comments coming. We have just improved the search facility making it easier to find those parts. Don`t forget to use the 10% voucher code for your very first order on the new site. The code is NEWSITE

New products coming soon - We are shortly to receive a delivery of the Takman 1W metal and carbon film resistors to complete the full E24 range, so there will be 168 values of each type. These will be going in the new Glasshouse Elma Jumbo 47 stepped attenuator. We also have some new super accurate carbon tracked potentiometers to take over from TOCOS.

Happy DIYing,

Nick Lucas

Jantzen Cross Caps

Jantzen Cross Caps

A superb performing low cost polypropylene capacitor, for those on a shoe string or just experimenting with values.

Elma "old school" recording studio knobs

Elma / Marconi Knobs

For those who perfer the classic touch, Elma are now making reproduction Marconi knobs to adorn your mixing decks.

Audio Note resistor range extended

New values of AN resistors

We have added 12 new 0.5W and 4 new 2W Non-mags resistors to the range.

TKD 2 pole 30 way switch

TKD 2 pole 30 way switch

Precision engineered switch from Japan`s TKD is now in stock. Make before break.

New videos

New videos on You Tube

We have been busy adding videos to our You Tube channel so why not take a look.

HFC search just got better

Searching just got easier

We have installed a wizard search facility that references the shop part of the site.

KLE Innovations Absolute Harmony RCA Plug

KLE Innovations Absolute

The top spec RCA plugs from KLE has now arrived. Constructed from high purity silver provides an beautiful sound.

Amtrans AMCY Aluminium foil

Amtrans AMCY Alum. Foil

New from Japan are these high quality rugged Aluminium foil, paper in oil capacitors.

Mundorf M-Connect binding posts now in

Mundorf M-Connects

We now have the entire range of the remarkable M-Connect binding posts.

Jantzen 5W and 10W Superes resistors

Jantzen resistors

Ideal resistors for crossovers. We now have the full range of the 5W and 10W Superes.

Nichicon VY caps

Nichicon VY caps

Low cost radial high voltage capacitor for all your low current PSU needs.

Elma A47  Jumbo attenuator switch

Elma A47 Jumbo

New from Elma, the Jumbo PCB allows you to use 1W resistors for your shunt stepped attenuator. 1 and 2 channel versions available.

The Glass Head

Glass Heads return

Store your headphones safely and add a touch of style to your music room. They will also wear your glasses with pride.

Xhadow XLR plugs

Xhadow XLR Plugs

A new connector manufacturer from the US. Supreme quality and performance guaranteed.

Khozmo Series 48 stepped attenuator

Khozmo Series steps

The beautifully crafted Series stepped attenuators are now available.

Xhadow RCA plugs

Xhadow RCA plugs

Available in large and small versions depending on wire diameter being used. Amazing plugs.

Khozmo Shunt mono stepped attenuator

Khozmo Mono SHUNT

 For those who like supreme control we now have the mono version of Khozmo Shunt stepped attenuator.

Xhadow bananas and spades

Xhadow Bananas & Spades

Xhadow make their connectors using only the best materials, all at a reasonable cost.

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