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National Audio Show 2016 Visit 

Hello guys. Although these shows aren`t specifically aimed at the Hi-FI DIYer it is always good to see what is going on in the finished product end of the market. So we spent a few hours visiting the 2016 Hi-Fi Show at the Whittlebury Hall Hotel last weekend. It`s only around the corner from us so we had no excuse. A great morning out with lots to see and hear. A quick show report for you...

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Happy DIYing

Roksan Radius 7

This turntable has a ‘glass effect’ finish which illuminates red or blue depending on the selected speed. It’s a contemporary piece of design and engineering that will look and sound great in any living space.


Hifi Hangar - Eminent Technology LFT8b Ribbon Hybrid Speakers

Hifi Hangar deals in new, vintage and second-hand equipment. They also carry out turntable repairs and servicing.  One of their real gems are these LFT8b speakers which were punching out some great sounds at the show.



Planalogue Prelude turntable.

Planalogue had on demo its brand new Prelude turntable, with clever plinth and sub-plinth designs to make sure it sits on good foundations for great sound reproduction, and at £2,295 it’s keenly priced in this fierce sector of the market. Also no website as of yet…




Kerr & Smith

Kerr & Smith are newcomers to the loudspeaker manufacturing game. These two enthusiastic graduates have designed and developed 3 transmission-line speakers that feature high quality components and drive units. Their demo room also had the benefit of a Music First Audio Reference preamplifier.





Vertex AQ

Vertex have been working on their FRS-8 Loudspeaker for some time now and they had their debut at the show this weekend. They use a single driver in a sealed box. A crossover-less design, staying true to their design philosophy, and produces a smooth transparent sound.





Audio Note

Audio Note's room always sounds 'right' at the shows, those imposing AN-E's making such a natural, open and big sound. This room always puts a smile on my face, it is probably due to the fact that compared to a lot of rooms at the show its just soo easy to listen to.





LDA and MF Audio

Here we have the combined room of equipment from Long Dog Audio and Music First. Introducing the new amplifiers from LDA. Great sounding room.

German Phisiks HRS-130

The HRS-130 ‘s are unconventional in both design and sound. The sound is natural and does not really have a specific ‘sweet-spot’ thanks to the unique design providing very room-filling music.


Wall of Music

These look like electrostatics but are actually an open baffle design with something like 18 drive units in each speaker. They are designed to be un-fussy when it comes to source, being happy with playing music from phones and streaming from YouTube etc. As yet there is not a website that we can find…



Graham Audio

Graham Audio manufactures a selection of BBC-licensed loudspeaker designs. They have been developed and tested meticulously to make them as close to their original counterparts as possible, and to offer that transparency that BBC monitors do so well.





Code is another newcomer to the speaker market with a selection of active speaker systems that would suit any modern home. The new range features pod-like cabinets made from layers of CNC-machined birch plywood, which requires a large amount of hand finishing.  






These headphones have it all. A great design boasting either a maple or walnut finish with gold or silver detailing. They produce a beautiful natural tone, an engaging and easy to listen to performance. At £269 they have to be the best thing around at that price point.






Fostex had a killer combination on demo in the headphone section. They had paired their HPV8 valve headphone amplifier with a pair of TH900mk2 Reference headphones. The result was an unbelievably smooth and life-like reproduction of Gregory Porters 'Hey Laura'. But with KT88's and 300B's in there and a combined price tag of nearly £9000 - it needed to be good.





More show time

The next Hi-Fi Show on the calender is the Indulgence Show at the Novotel in Hammersmith, London on Friday 14th to 16th October. Looks like a big one. We are planning to visit on the Friday so if you see us come and say hello.

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