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Oyaide Products now in-stock
It's always exciting to announce we're stocking a new brand and especially when they're well known for their high-quality products.
Every one of Oyaide products is totally "made in Japan", down to every minute component. All because, for Oyaide to maintain a high standard of quality and reliability, it is essential to have every production system under Oyaide direct and strict control.
Made for a special market where minute vibration from loose connection or due to imperfect choice of material could become a vital failure.
Carefully designing each and every component for easiness in assembling, simplicity, and requirement, the cost factor is secondary. Instead, ignoring excess decoration and unnecessary complexity.
Oyaide covers a large number of categories, including power plugs, RCA plugs, XLR connectors, spades and more.
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Audio Note Silver Niobium Non-Magnetic Resistors
Audio Note Silver Niobium Non-Magnetic Resistors
AN Resistors continue to evolve and this latest revolution combines two of the most premier materials, Silver and Niobium. Using a solid silver end cap with pure solid silver lead-out wires.
Currently available are 0.5W and 2W. 1W will be in stock shortly.
New Wire Offcuts Section
New Wire Offcuts Section
In an effort to reduce our inventory of offcuts we've decided to create a new section where these lengths are sold at a discount.
So far we have listed Duelund and some Neotech wires, both discounted by 10%, but the number of makes will increase so be sure to check back frequently.
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