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New solderless speaker cable kit from Hi-Fi Collective
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Solderless Speaker Cable kit

Here we have a high performing speaker cable kit constructed from the superb range of Jantzen cables and gold plated banana plugs. And the beauty is you don`t need to do any soldering. So those guys who have been put off from dabbling in the art of DIY need look no further.

It always amazes me that the prices charged by finished cables sellers are so high. They are often over inflated by the fact that there are so many people taking a slice of the pie. You have the manufacturers who supply the distributors who in turn supply the dealers where you buy the cables from. So what probably costs around £25 in material costs ends up selling for around £100 on the shelves. Also add in the "mysterious" science behind the cables creation. A type of alchemy that drives the prices up even more.
So welcome to the wonderful world of DIY. At Hi-Fi Collective we generally source the materials from the manufacturers so distributors and dealer margins don`t enter into the equation. End result, you are buying high end components at a reasonable cost. Judging by our ever increasing customer base there are many of you who are aware of this phenomenon. 
In this case the cable is bought directly from Jantzen: A Danish company that specialize in capacitors, resistors, inductors, drive units and accessories. Their speaker cables are excellent value and are high grade, boasting 99.9999% pure copper and OFC to boot. 
The banana plugs are sourced from a company with 20 years experience buying only the best value for money parts from Taiwan.
Potential DIYers often get put off by having to wield a soldering iron. This is not the case here. This kit is incredibly easy to make; in fact all you need to wield is a Stanley knife to strip the cable, a small flat head screw driver to fit the plugs, scissors to cut the lengths of heat shrink and a hair dryer to shrink it.
We pride ourselves on our customer service, so for a quick response we are only an e-mail or phone call away.

Click on the picture to learn more. 

Happy DIYing 
Nick Lucas


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