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For the fitting of connectors we have various aids to make things easier.

WBT-0488 Torx T.6 Screwdriver

Made from chrome vanadium tool steel. Gold-plated. Used with most WBT connectors to fix torx grub screw.

CMC RCA Socket Fitting Tool

Brass tool used for fitting the CMC range of RCA sockets. Small pin fits into one of the 3 holes on the fixing nut of the RCA socket, allowing purc...

WBT-0198 Fixing Nut Spanner

All WBT Nextgen connectors have plastic fixing nuts, this tool allow for easy fixing and removal. Also uselful as a holding device for the solderin...

Crimping Pliers for WBT End Sleeves

Plier-action tools for crimping cables suitable for all WBT`s cable end sleeves. Made from oil-hardened and tempered tool steel, they have polished...

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