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Offering beautiful performance and low noise, these can accomodate the larger 1W resistor ranges.

Elma's A47 Jumbo Attenuator Switch

Takman Carbon and Metal film 1W ranges will be extended to full E-24 range in the next few weeks

Takman 1W E-24 Range

Here we have Elma`s high-end fully assembled Series stepped attenuator.

Elma A47 Series SMD stepped attenuator

We are now stocking new values of the Audio Note Tantalum 0.5W and 2W Non-Magnetic ranges

Audio Note Tantalum Ranges Extended

We now stock a large range of superb quality binding posts from Mundorf

M-Connect Terminals

Amazing value for money caps - The full range from 0.1uF to 330uF is now in stock...

Jantzen Cross-Cap Range

18pf, 30pf, 360pf, 430pf, 620pf, 910pf - all rated at 630v - added to the range

6 new values of polystyrene capacitor added to the range: 18, 30, 360, 430, 620, 910pf - all rated at 630v

The all-new Series stereo 48-step attenuator from Khozmo, for those who prefer constant impedance.

Back by popular demand, this storage solution keeps your headphones safe and to hand.

The Glasshead is back in stock

The new mono version of the 48-step shunt attenuator from Khozmo. Amazing quality and sound.

New Khozmo Mono Attenuator

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Brush up on your hi-fi history - The story of Gilbert Briggs and Wharfedale speakers

A Pair of Wharfedales, The story of Gilbert Briggs and Wharfedale speakers

330uf 400v Flatpack capacitors now in stock


5W Kiwame range extended we now have the full E24 range

5W Kiwame range extended we now have the full E24 range

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