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Audio Note 31 strand Litz

Audio Note 31 stand Litz

Following the success of the high acclaimed 20 strand pure silver litz, Audio Note have recently launched the 31 strand litz version . A larger gauge hook up wire comprising of 31 strands of individually insulated 0.1mm diameter 99.999% silver wire, sheathed in a PTFE coating. Available is red, black and white.

Ideal for a majority of hook-up situations and with the increase in size and rating it can be used as internal speaker wire for high efficiency loudspeakers.

A word of warning - being a litz wire, each strand is polyurethane coated and before use, needs to be removed. The best way by far is to use a solder bath. This is effectively a ceramic pot that holds a bath of molten solder. The wire end is stripped of it's PTFE coating and dipped in the molten liquid. This breaks down the polyurethane coating and tins the bare wire underneath. I generally dip 2 or 3 times, allowing the bare end to cool slightly before the next dip. This method also insures the integrity of the PTFE sleeving. Once done, I further tin the end with a tinned soldering iron using the solder of preference, in my case the 3.8% Mundorf silver/gold. This process is essential as solder baths use solder nuggets that are generally composed of standard solder.

Once prepared the wire is ready to be used.

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