Audio Note Stepped Attenuators NOS

Audio Note Stepped Attenuators NOS

Hi-Fi Collective have recently purchased all the remaining stock of the Audio Note Mono and Stereo Shunt Stepped Attenuators. This model has been replaced by their all-new Shunt stepped attenuator, which is not yet available for resale.

Both the Mono & Stereo are available in 50K and 100K versions. As you will see they are being sold by HFC at a substantially discounted price.

Read more about the Stereo version HERE

Read more about the Mono version HERE

We also took the opportunity to buy up the last remaining stocks of their old switches, suitable for stereo series and shunt type, TVCs, and mono ladder stepped attenuators.

These come as a 1 pole 23 way switch or 2 pole 23 way switch. Even though they appeared heavily in their high-end finished products, we are also selling these at a considerable discount. Also, look out for the new low-cost stepped attenuators using these switches coming soon.

Read more about the 1 pole HERE

Read more about the 2 pole HERE


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