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First arrival from Elekit

First arrival from Elekit

Elekit is an established kit maker from Japan with many years experience in producing incredible kits. Our first bulk purchase was their top of the range stereo 300B single-ended amplifier kit. Having heard many great things about their product we decided to make up one. Watch out for the Youtube video of our endeavours that are currently in the editing process.

So to update you Elekit launched their TU-8600 in November 2017 in limited edition. So successful was the launched they created 2 new versions the TU-8600R and TU-8600RVK. The former has the Elekit's standard E and I output transformers and the later the C-Core Lundahl LL2770B at a higher premium. We built the Lundahl TU-8600RVK version.

Having had years of experience in the DIY valve kit business, with my involvement in World Audio Design, Hi-Fi World Kits arm. I was very impressed with this kit. Being PCB based the actual construction was straight forward enough added by a brilliant instruction manual that was mostly pictorial it took us around 5 hours to build. Elekit also had the foresight to realize that DIY kit builders do like to upgrade so have on the whole haven't used "put through hole" solder tags on their PCB, making desoldering parts ready for the upgrade painless.

The circuit has many clever features that did impress, low noise and safety features and the way it goes together is faultless in my opinion.

So have a read about the kit  HERE.

To see Part 1 of the assembly video please click  HERE.

Watch Nick build up the TU-6800RVK click HERE.


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