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How To: Glass House Mono Stepped Attenuator

How To: Make XLR Cables (Part 3, Single-Core Cable to TS & RCA)

How To: Make XLR Cables (Part 2, Dual-Core Cable to TRS & RCA Plugs)

A tutorial on how to make female to male XLR cables.

A comparison video on how different brands 6L6 valves/tubes sound when playing identical audio through an identical amp.

A how-to guide on upgrading from a potentiometer to a Glasshouse Stepped Attenuator...

High Resolution Technologies HeadStreamer significantly improves the sound quality of the music when compared with the analogue output from the computer.

The iStreamer is a high performance audio interface that allows an Apple iPad™, iPhone® or iPod® and a home entertainment system to become perfect partners.

Plug and play - straight out of the box with the superb little Music Streamer II

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