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In this first part of the series, Nick will be walking you through the Elekit TU-8500 Tube Pre-amplifier Kit with Phono Stage. Showing you everything included with the kit and then starting to put it together. Please subscribe so you don't miss the rest of this project.

The Elekit TU-8200R at around £650 is a great price for a valve amplifier kit. After our series of "how to build" videos, we wanted to tackle the upgrade. Here we take the completed built kit and take it apart to put better resistors and capacitors in it.

During part one we take you through the though processes of the selection, careful process of desoldering using desolder braid to prepare the holes/tracks in the PCB for the new parts.
In this video Nick demonstrates the different output valves that can be used with the Elekit TU8200R, all without the need to rebias the amp. In addition to this, you can choose for the output to be in triode, pentode or ultra-linear mode.
Using the A47 switch and jumbo PCB from Elam these attenuators offer beautiful performance, low noise and a high quality feel when turning.
In this video Nick shows how to build both shielded and unshielded versions of XLR cables, using the Glasshouse Interconnect Kit No. 14.
In this video Nick takes us through how to install the Glasshouse channel switcher. Combined with the remote volume control, this board allows for the input channel and volume to be controlled from a safe distance!
In this quick video Nick shows how to test speaker polarity before soldering; all it takes is a battery!
In this video Nick brings new life to some vintage speakers, some new components in the crossover, wire, insulation.. and they are good to go!
In this video Nick completes the construction of the World Audio Design parallel single-ended monobloc amplifier that we've been upgrading behind the scenes here at HFC. All that's left it to test them and then have a first listen!
In this video Nick starts the rebuild process of the World Audio designed single-ended monoblock valve amplifiers. Having fitted the mechanical parts, here we start soldering the components to the Glasshouse tagboards.
In this video we strip down one of the 300b mono-block amplifiers that is currently in the process of being upgraded.
In this video Nick takes us through his selection process for components to use in upgrading two single-ended monoblock amplifiers.
In the last video in the TU8200R series we see the fully contructed TU8200R DIY amplifier kit. The Elekit TU-8200R is the evolution of the wildly acclaimed TU-879S.
In this video, Nick takes us through the new Glasshouse Selector Remote Control Kit.
In this, the penultimate video in the TU8200R series, Nick takes us through building the Elekit TU8200R DIY amplifier kit. The Elekit TU-8200R is the evolution of the wildly acclaimed TU-879S.