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The latest interconnect kit from Glasshouse, Interconnect Kit No. 12, comes with new in Dalby Audio Design DAL-320S Silver/Copper Multistrand Cable and WBT Cu Nextgen RCA plugs and cotton tubing for some extra shielding.

By popular demand is a tutorial where Nick takes us through the assembly process undertaken here at HiFi Collective to build mono & stereo ladder stepped attenuators.

Continuing on from part 4 of the Elekit TU-8600RVK amp build we get our first listen of the amp, after Nicks done some quick problem solving..

Continuing from part 3 of the Elekit TU-8600RVK amp build here we see Nick complete the build.. Or do we?

Continuing from part 2 of the Elekit TU-8600RVK amp build here we see Nick start the main assembly and prepare the transformers for the final stage

Continuing from part 1 of the Elekit TU-8600RVK amp build here we see Nick finish the PCB board ready for the final assembly.

Elekit is an established kit maker from Japan with many years of experience producing incredible kits. Having heard many great things about their product we decided to make up one.

How To: make the Glasshouse mains cable kit No.1 (ft EU Schuko Plug)

How To: make the Glasshouse mains kit No. 1 (ft UK Permaplug)

In this video nick takes use through how to make a 4 strand Audio Not Litz speaker cable

An informative video on the differences between bi-polar electrolytic capacitors

In this video Nick shows us how to build the Glasshouse Interconnect Kit No. 10

An informative video talking through the different crossover resistor types on offer here aet HiFi Collective

A tutorial showing how to construct the Glasshouse interconnect kit No. 2

Tutorial of how we assemble the Glasshouse ladder mono attenuator

How To: Glass House Mono Stepped Attenuator

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