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How To: Make XLR Cables (Part 3, Single-Core Cable to TS & RCA)

How To: Make XLR Cables (Part 2, Dual-Core Cable to TRS & RCA Plugs)

A tutorial on how to make female to male XLR cables.

A comparison video on how different brands 6L6 valves/tubes sound when playing identical audio through an identical amp.

A how-to guide on upgrading from a potentiometer to a Glasshouse Stepped Attenuator...

High Resolution Technologies HeadStreamer significantly improves the sound quality of the music when compared with the analogue output from the computer.

The iStreamer is a high performance audio interface that allows an Apple iPad™, iPhone® or iPod® and a home entertainment system to become perfect partners.

Plug and play - straight out of the box with the superb little Music Streamer II

How to do a four wire weave as used in the Glasshouse speaker cable Kit No.2 and Interconnect Kit No.7

Upgrade your Khozmo 48 stepped attenuator by changing the load resistor to the amazing Charcroft resistor.

Changing the torque spring in your 04 series Elma switch to better suit the application.

Part 2 of the build process, connecting the RCA plug at the source end, and continuity checking the cable once complete.

Part 1 of the build process, connecting the RCA plug at the amplifier end to the signal, earth and screen.

This video takes you through the build process of Speaker Cable Kit No.3

How to assemble Elma switches and the Elma Remote Lin Motor.

A quick how-to, on programming your Elma motor and Apple remote.

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