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Our F & T Snap-in (SI) range just got bigger!

F and T SI range just got bigger

After several months wait we have just received a huge delivery from Fischer and Tauche, F & T. Due to the accelerated growth of the electric car industry and the huge production of batteries currently happening throughout the world capacitor makers are suffering from sourcing the materials used to make electrolytic capacitors. We could blame Tesla for this...

If you recall Mundorf had a range of electrolytc capacitors called the SI range before they developed them further into their amazing AG range. The original makers were F & T so we have invested in a large stock of popular values to offer customers a lower price point electrolytic to use in their power supplies.

We have received 20 values as shown HERE

If you feel we have missed any then please let us know. We do have more coming so watch this space!

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