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Glasshouse Interconnect Cable Kit No.12

Glasshouse Interconnect Cable Kit No.12

Following the recent introduction of the Dalby Audio Design 320S copper/silver cable we have created the Glasshouse Interconnect Cable Kit No.12. This features the WBT-0114 RCA plugs and following the recommendation from Mr Dalby the cable is double wrapped in cotton sleeving. Their cables are not silver plated but are milled with silver covering a copper inner core thus allow for a thicker silver covering than plating thus providing more of the benefits that silver can give without the large price tag. These cables are multistrand too. This cable offers an incredibly detailed natural tone.

Building interconnect cables is an excellent entry into the wonderful World of DIY audio. With not a lot of effort you can see how using quality DIY items you can have excellent results at a reasonable cost.

Dalby Audio Design also make a thicker copper / silver cable suited to loudspeaker cables.

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