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Glasshouse Jumbo 47 Stepped Attenuator Elma

Glasshouse Jumbo 47 Stepped Attenuator Elma

Mono and Stereo versions of the Jumbo Elma 47 Step Shunt Stepped Attenuator featuring 0.5W shunt resistor set is now available. Both stepped attenuators are available in the following impedances: 50K, 100K and 250K.

Available as a kit or fully built. We strongly recommend you purchase fully built and tested. Any errors during the PCB population are almost impossible to rectify. Great care must be taken in reading the step numbers when fitting the resistors.

The ultimate version uses the Audio Note 0.5W Non-Magnetic Tantalums.

Click here for the Mono version

For the Stereo version click here

Also, see the new video of how they are built here

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