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Miflex Copper Foil KPCU-03 250Vdc

Miflex Copper Foil KPCU-03 250Vdc rated

We introduced the DIY community to the Miflex Copper Foil in Paper / Polypropylene in oil back in July 2017. Ever since then they have been incredibly popular, offering this often expensive format of a capacitor at a reasonable price. The first buy-in included the Copper 630Vdc KPCU-01 and the Aluminium 630Vdc KPAL-01, both axial types. Then came the lower-cost Copper Foil in Polypropylene  Film version, the KPFM-01 a few months later.

As customers evolve in their upgrading/building development there has been a movement to use film capacitors in loudspeaker crossovers so we have bought in the KPCU-03 capacitors. Effectively the same specification and make up as the KPCU-01 but with a lower DC voltage rating - 250Vdc. As a result, they are physically smaller and cheaper than their 630Vdc rated bigger brother. They can also be used for lower voltage electronics as they are smaller in stature. We have stocks of 0.047uF to 15uF.

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We had the please of meeting Krzysztof from Miflex SA at the 2019 Warsaw show. We are looking forward to working closely with Miflex in developing more Audio Grade capacitors.


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