Miflex KPCU-03 Copper Foil Paper / Polypropylene in Oil 250Vdc Capacitors

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Miflex KPCU-03 Copper Foil Paper / Polypropylene in Oil 250Vdc Capacitors

Following the great success of the Miflex KPCU-01 630Vdc version, we are now stocking the KPCU-03 250V version for those who don't need such a high voltage rating. These are smaller in size from their counterpart. This range is more suited for lower voltage signal circuitry and in loudspeaker crossovers. They follow the same manufacturing process and materials as their larger brother.

The Miflex KPPCU-03 are made of high purity copper foil and the coils are oil-impregnated utilising a vacuum-based technology, The housing is an insulated resin paper tube. the internals is incased in a potting compound reducing the influence of external vibrations.

the KPCU range is specifically designed for Audio use. They are close rivals to the alternative Copper foil capacitors on the market and their competitive price and performance will ensure a popular position in the market place. Great for use as a signal or cross over capacitors


  • Insulated resin tube
  • Paper and polypropylene mix dielectric
  • High purity copper foil electrode
  • Axial leadouts 
  • Leadouts are twisted copper (2 x 0.8mm diameter wires)
  • 250 VDC rated
  • Tolerance: 5%
  • Dissipation factor :0.0035 at 1Khz
  • RoHS compliant
  • Range available 0.047uF to 15uF
  • Manufacturer`s range KPCU-03

The line on the label (at the shorter lead-out end) indicates the outer foil. This should be connected to the point of lowest impedance/signal output / AC end.


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