Miflex KFPM-01 Copper Foil Polypropylene Film Capacitors

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Miflex KFPM-01 Copper Foil Polypropylene Film Capacitors

The KFPM-01 Copper foils are the most recent addition to the Hificollective catalogue from the amazing range of capacitors produced by Miflex in Poland. These are somewhat different from the vast array of copper foil capacitors on the market in that they are not oil impregnated and they use a polypropylene dielectric rather than paper.

The KFPM-01s are specifically designed for audio, minimizing parasitic impedance components such as inductance and resistance thus improving sound quality. These high quality and durable capacitors are made from carefully selected materials. utilising only the best production technologies and testing and measuring methods assuring a very high standard of capacitor.

Thes capacitors feature the use of axial terminals made of tinned copper wire. The capacitor body are enclosed in special protective tape and potted in self-extinguishing compound.

They can be used in d.c. and a.c. circuits and rated at 600Vdc they are popular as signal capacitors in valve equipment. They are also priced very competitively.


  • Polypropylene film dielectric
  • High purity copper foil electrode
  • Axial leadouts
  • Leadouts are twisted copper
  • 600 VDC rated
  • Tolerance : 2%
  • Dissipation factor :0.005 at 1Khz
  • RoHs compliant
  • Range available 0.022uF to 1uF
  • Manufacturer`s range KFPM-01

The line on the label (at the shorter lead-out end) indicates the outer foil. 

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