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Neotech NEP-4003 Mains Cable


Over the past few years we have noticed a steady increase in demand for off reel mains cables for those who like to make up their own cables. Those looking to start out in the wonderful World of DIY cable building often reach for the lower cost mains cables like the Belden 19364 or the Lapp classic 100 CY. So, to broaden the choice we have bought in the lower cost Neotech cable, namely the NEP-4003. Neotech produce highly regarded wires and cables constructed from high purity copper and silver wires of UP-OCC or UP-OFC drawing processes.

The NEP-4003 is a UP-OFC silver plated oxygen free copper that is drawn in such a way as the composite metal crystal is of regular size, optimising performance. The cable is made of 3 conductors, Red, Black and Green all covered in a screen braid and further covered in a thick brown walled PVC OD coating.  The great thing about this cable is how easy it is to use. The overall diameter is 11mm so it will fit into all plugs on the mark; combining with the Kaiser IEC plug and the Permaplug or MK Tough Plug, or the Kaiser Schuko Euro plug and the NEMA US plug, you can make a great sounding IEC lead.

For more information of this new cable click https://www.hificollective.co.uk/wire/neotech-mains-cable-nep-4003.html

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