New models from Elekit

New Elekit Models

After the success of the previous models, we have continued to expand the range of Amplifier Kits from Elekit.

Three new models have just arrived, the Elekit TU-8900E and Elekit TU-8200VK and are available now. As well as, the Elekit TU-8900VK, which isn't available until Mid-November as we’re waiting for custom transformers from Lundahl.

The Elekit TU-8900S uses directly-heated triode tubes like the 300B and 2A3 which enjoy an enduring popularity among audiophiles. The 300B with its rich midrange and extended bass - and 2A3 with its delicate expression and gentle tone - offer a very special sonic experience. In this kit, the tubes installed are detected automatically with the correct filament voltage and voltage of B-power automatically set.

The TU-8200VK improves on the 8200R and uses the superior Lundahl LL2777B C-core output transformer. You have the option to use various output valves depending on your taste - 6L6GC / EL34 / 6CA7 / KT88 / 6550.

Finally, the TU-8200R Output transformers are now also available to purchase separately as the OPT-8200.


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