Elekit TU-8200R & TU-8200VK 6L6GC / EL34 / 6CA7 / KT88 / 6550 Single Ended Tube Amplifier kit

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Elekit TU-8200R 6L6GC / EL34 / 6CA7 / KT88 / 6550 Single Ended Tube Amplifier kit

The Elekit TU-8200R is the evolution of the wildly acclaimed TU-879S. The TU-8200 has many enhancements that allow the builder to enjoy exquisite tube audio in just a few nights. Following the Elekit pictorial style of instructions makes for straightforward construction.

We now have two versions available: the TU-8200R is supplied with Elekit's E & I output transformers and the TU-8200VK uses the superior Lundahl LL2777B C-core output transformer.

It has many interesting features, you have the option to use various output valves depending on your taste - 6L6GC / EL34 / 6CA7 / KT88 / 6550. The standard kit is supplied with 2 x JJ 6L6GC power tubes and 2 x JJ ECC82s. You have the option of setting up your output in triode, pentode, or ultra-linear mode. So if you like to tube roll this is the kit for you.

The TU-8200R is shipped with 2 x JJ 6L6GC power tubes and 2 x JJ ECC82s to get you up and running. Please note however the TU-8200R supports a wide range of other power tubes such as KT66, KT88, EL34, 6550 (and others). To change output valves with no modifications, there is no need to re-bias. Simply swap power tubes and the newly developed "active automatic bias adjustment function" will adjust the bias to the optimal level for each tube. No need to match tubes or manually re-bias ever again. Additionally, it has a headphone output stage that uses the valve circuity inside.

The R-core power transformer supports 4 different voltage environments 100V, 115V, 200V, and 230V so it can be used anywhere in the World.


  • The circuit automatically adjusts bias for the optimal operation of each tube
  • 3 amplification modes (triode, pentode, and ultra-linear) can be selected using PCB jumpers - Ultra linear (8W + 8W) / Triode (4W + 4W) / Pentode (8.2W + 8.2W)
  • FET ripple filter on board for power B for both left and right channels
  • Overcurrent protection
  • High-quality PCB with 70um copper traces (double regular thickness)
  • Audio Inputs 1 - 2 x RCA, Input 2: 2 x RCA / 3.5mm jack
  • Audio Outputs - Speaker impedance selector switch - 8-16Ω / 4-6.3Ω Headphone jack at the front

PRICE (1 off, excluding vat & P&P) not supplied with IEC lead

TU-8200R - £650.00

TU-8200VK - £890.00

TU-8200R Lundahl Transformer Upgrade Kit (Convert your TU-8200R to a TU-8200VK) - £325.00

See our five instructional YouTube videos below on how to construct the Elekit TU-8200R kit

For those who wish to buy the component upgrade kit, we offer 2 types. The first one consists of a complete resistor set change (excluding the 0R47) to Takman Carbon Film resistors and a handful of capacitors.

Part Position Quantity
(REX50-010) - 2R2 0.5W TAKMAN Carbon Film Resistor R53,54 2
(PRP-1/2-250) - 220R 0.5W PR9372 Metal Film Resistor  R33,34,43,44 4
(REX50-490) - 22K 0.5W TAKMAN Carbon Film Resistor R17,29,30,59,60,61,62,63,64 9
(REX50-450) - 10K 0.5W TAKMAN Carbon Film Resistor  R18,25,26,27,28 5
(REY50-570) - 100K 0.5W TAKMAN Metal Film Resistor R1,2,15,16,55,56 6
(REX50-630) - 330K 0.5W TAKMAN Carbon Film Resistor R9,10,47,48,49,50,51,52,57,58 10
(REX50-100) - 12R 0.5W TAKMAN Carbon Film Resistor  R3,4,19,20,21,22,45,46,69 9
(PRP-1/2-330) - 1K 0.5W PR9372 Metal Film Resistor  R5,6,11,12,23,24,31,32,67,68 10
(REY50-030) - 3R3 0.5W TAKMAN Metal Film Resistor  R35,36,39,40,41,42,37,38 8
(REX75-500) - 27K 1W TAKMAN Carbon Film Resistor R7,8,13,14 4
(ELNAC-115) - 220uF 16V Elna Cerafine Electrolytic Capacitor  C1,2,5,6 4
(ELNAS-140) - 330uF 25V Elna Silmic II Electrolytic Capacitor  C13,14,33,34,35 - LIMITED SPACE FIT HORIZONTALLY 5
EVOSGO-020: 0.1uF 650V Mundorf Mcap EVO Silver Gold Oil Capacitor C3,4,9,10 4

The second is accompanied by YouTube videos of the upgrade being done. These are specifically voiced components that target the key signal components. You will need to add the individual parts listed below to your cart when purchasing your kit. If any are out of stock, please get in contact.

Part Position Quantity
(AMRG2.0-500) 27K 2W Amtrans AMRG Resistor R7,8 2
(RES-3600) - 27K 1W Audio Note Tantalum Resistor R13,14 2
(PRP-1/2-330) - 1K 0.5W PR9372 Metal Film Resistor R5,6,11,12 4
ZN630-0.10: 0.1uF 630V Mundorf MCap ZN Capacitor  C9,10 2
ODAM-010: 0.1uF 630Vdc V-Cap ODAM Capacitors (matched pair) C3,4 1
HTSC12.7, Clear heat-shrink 2:1, 12.7mm diameter to insulate the body of ODAM capacitors 1m
CAP-100-R-330U-25V: 330uF 25Vdc Audio Note Kaisei POLAR Electrolytic Capacitor C13,14 2
CAP-100-R-220U-25V: 220uF 25Vdc Audio Note Kaisei POLAR Electrolytic Capacitor C1,2,5,6 4




original Elekit E & I output transformer for the TU-8200R

For those building their own amplifiers from scratch, these output transformers are suitable for single-ended amplifiers that use an output valve such as a 6L6GC, EL34, 6CA7, KT88, and 6550.

The primary winding impedance is 3.5K ohm (red - anode, black - HT) with an ultra-linear tap (yellow) that connects to the screen grid (optional). Secondary winding impedance is 0 ohm(black) - 5 ohm (green) - 8 ohm (grey)

Overall dimensions are 60mm (depth) x 92mm (width, with fixings) x 60mm (height). The lead-out length is 150mm, and clips can be easily cut off for hard wiring.

PRICE (pair)
£100.00 + vat + p&p

Elekit TU-8200R Lundahl Transformer Upgrade Kit (SOLD SEPARATELY)

Upgrade your Elekit TU-8200R (with standard output transformers) to the dizzy heights of the TU-8200VK

This Kit Includes:

  • 1 pair of Lundahll LL2777B output transformers
  • 1 pair of fitting harnesses (PCBs + leads)

PRICE (1 kit)
£315.00 +vat +p&p

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