Elekit PS-3250 Phono Equalizer Kit

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Elekit PS-3250 Phono Equalizer Kit

The Elekit PS-3250 is a MM/MC compatible stereo phono stage kit. Offering super low noise and clean RIAA-equalized line-level signal. You can select between an MM and MC cartridge by a jumper on the PCB. This is a kit; you must populate the PCB with the parts provided.

This can be used with any Pre-Amp or Integrated Amplifier. Not exclusively just amps produced by Elekit.


  • Featuring the low-noise NJM2068DD OpAmp.
  • The passive electronic parts provided are ±1 % tolerance metal oxide resistors, and ± 2% tolerance film capacitors are adopted to realize small RIAA deviation and low noise.
  • A CR design is used for the equaliser circuit, so there is zero deviation in equalization even when OpAmp is exchanged.
  • A positive and negative voltage generating circuit is on-board for the power unit, and high-quality sound and wide dynamic range are secured by supplying ±15 V for OpAmp. An external power supply is required (not supplied with the kit). A switch mode power supply is recommended 5Vdc to 12Vdc). The kit does not provide a DC connector.
  • POP noise suppressor upon power ON/OFF is on-board. Remember to short if you aren't using a switch.
  • The noise level, especially the hum noise, depends largely on the IN/OUT wiring and the grounding location. Therefore, this kit includes an IN/OUT jack and grounding bracket to fix those parts to the PCB.


  • Corresponding cartridge: MM (Approx. 47kΩ), MC (Approx.100Ω or 30Ω)
  • Circuiting system: CR equalizer (RIAA), OpAmp dual amplification
  • RIAA deviation : Within ±0.5dB (20-20kHz)
  • Gain (@1kHz) : 27dB(MM, LOW-G), 32dB(MM, MID-G), 36dB(MM,HIGH-G) 56dB(MC, LOW-G), 62dB(MC, MID-G), 65dB(MC, HIGH-G
  • Non-clip max. output (@1kHz) : 9V r.m.s.
  • Power voltage: 5-12Vdc
  • Power consumption (OPamp: NJM2068DD) : 100mA(5V), 30mA(12V)
  • PCB dimensions : 100 x 80mm

PRICE (1 off)
£45.95 +vat +p&p


We offer the following parts for those who wish to buy the component upgrade kit. Please add the following parts to your cart.

Part Position Quantity
CART 110R00B: 110R 0.4W Charcroft Z-Foil Resistor R25/R26 2
CAP-100-R-10U-16V-NP: 10uF 16Vdc Audio Note Kaisei NON-POLAR Electrolytic Capacitor  C11/C12 2
RES-NB25-05W-100K: 100K 0.5W Audio Note Niobium Non-Magnetic Resistor R23/R24 2
CAP-100-R-100U-25V: 100uF 25Vdc Audio Note Kaisei POLAR Electrolytic Capacitor  C13/14/15/16 4
CART 25K000B: 25K 0.4W Charcroft Z-Foil Resistor  R17/18 2

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I would suggest that you fit the op-amp first before you start populating the PCB. Capacitors around them may need some adjustment. 

See our instructional Youtube video below on how to construct the Elekit PS-3250 kit

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